CEE Distributor

On Request

Our 32A CEE power distributor is a reliable and efficient solution for distributing electrical power. This high-quality distributor is designed to meet industry standards and provide exceptional performance in industrial and commercial settings. With multiple outlets and a robust construction, our CEE distributor offers a safe and convenient way to connect and distribute power to various devices and equipment. Whether you need to power equipment, machinery, tools, or lighting systems, this 32A CEE distributor is the ideal choice for efficient and reliable power distribution.

  • Manufacturer – as-Schwabe
  • Input – CEE plug, 400 V, 32 A, 5-pin
  • Output 1- Earthed socket 230 V, 16 A
  • Output 2 – CEE socket 400 V, 16 A, 5-pin
  • Output 3 – CEE socket 400 V, 32 A, 5-pin
  • Shatterproof plastic housing
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Weight – 0.9 kg

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