Extension Cable Reel – 25m

On Request

This 25 m extension cable reel is the ideal solution for extending power supply to distant locations. With its 25 meter cable length, this reel provides ample reach to connect various electrical devices with ease. The extension cable reel design ensures easy transportation and storage without tangles or knots. Its durable construction is built to last and withstand frequent use. This extension cable reel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, making it a versatile choice for film production sets, events, and worksites. It offers reliable power extension and allows for convenient access to electricity wherever it is needed.

  • Cable length – 25 m
  • Capacity in coiled state (230 V) – 1000 W
  • Capacity in uncoiled state (230V) – 3300 W
  • 3 protective contact sockets
  • Reel diameter – 24 cm
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Weight – 4 kg

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