Need a location? We offer an extensive and varied online location archive we have collected through the years in Baltic countries to accommodate even the most specific needs. Our database provides a variety of location styles - everything including nature, industrial buildings, castles, urban sites and many more. We continuously update our database with new and unique locations to match your most demanding requests. Our professional location managers will help you to find the perfect location for your project, whether it is a film, TV series, commercial, TV program, photo shooting, or any other event. We have lots of experience working with our local and international partners from Sweden, Russia, UK and others. Unit.lt location scouting and management service includes location search and booking, organizing filming permits and other necessary assistance.
We have a professional and creative team that is always ready to provide the right infrastructure to ensure the functionality, comfort, safety and efficient work for your production. We will take care of hiring the local crew members, accommodation booking, transport and catering. Our team has well established connections with local authorities, officials, police and contractors to ensure a smooth production experience.
Need a van or a trailer? We will take care of your transportation needs. Let us know what exactly you need and we will arrange a transport for you and your team to fit media and filming equipment, art department, make-up, costumes and the rest. Our team understands that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, so we take extra precautions to look after your team's and equipment transportation. Whether it is moving between locations or transporting equipment we will make that move as smooth as possible. Unit.lt team provides professional and trustworthy transportation service and can cater to all needs.