Industrial Extension Lead – 32A

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Our 32 A industrial extension lead is a reliable and durable solution for powering heavy-duty equipment in industrial settings. This extension lead is designed to handle high power loads and provide a safe and efficient power supply. The lead features a length of 20 m and is equipped with high-quality connectors for secure and stable connections. Its heavy-duty outer jacket ensures protection against abrasion and damage, making it suitable for use in demanding environments. Whether it’s for construction sites, workshops, or other industrial applications, the 32 A industrial extension lead is a dependable choice that delivers reliable power distribution.

  • Extension length – 20 m
  • Operating voltage – 400 V
  • Max power capacity – 32 A
  • Input – 5-pin CEE plug
  • Output – 5-pin CEE socket
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • IP44 rating

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